Stockholm - Kristianstad


SEK 3500:-


(One way)

You are most welcome!


„C4 Aviation is looking for 1-2 lead clients which will have priority access to the aircraft at discounted rates in return for an annual utilization committment

„For individuals or corporates currently utilizing private charter to/from Kristianstad signing with C4 Aviation should result in a significant net reduction of the travel budget

„The combination of low operating cost of a new Light Jet, low crew cost and large scale discounts through Lux Aviation, C4 Aviation may offer the lead client(s) rates 20-30% below the prevailing markets rates.

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Brand new plane

The benefits og a new plane a many. A lower, more predictable maintenace cost reduces both costs and ground time. It also provides up-to-date standards on comfort, safety, fuel efficiency and stability. You will feel good, privileged and well taken care of in our plane.

High fuel efficiency

Being a new plane, the best possible fuel efficience is a big element to reduce fares cost. State of the art engines, technology and survailance systems ensures an optimal balance between speed, consumption and effect. In short, you get there both faster and cheaper.

Big jet safety

Being a small plane, the Cessna Citation 2 is of course more to exposed heavy winds. That being said, the benefits og a modern plane is amongst many things also improved weather handling. We are, as everyone, taking safety very seriosly, thus our pilots are both very experienced as well as updated.

Envirometally friendly

C4 Aviation has a made a commitment to being enviromentally friendly, by using a new plane. The best available engines, fuel technology and sound limitations are being used in our Plane. Next generation flight management substatially reduced cockpit workload, which in turn automates functions and saves fuel.

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